Monthly Archives: May 2012




Grow, and don’t stop. Do not stay stagnant even for a minute. Get yourself motivated. I really let go of my zesty spirit this morning and faced the ugly consequence- being dull. There’s nothing worse than that. Never fight with your inner voice, never reject that invisible force that has immense power. Took this picture of a plant in our living room.

And she loved to click!


Her heart filled with gratitude when she saw something beautiful. It raced. Wanting to express. Then….

she clicked.

And with every beautiful photograph she took, her heart said ‘Thankyou’ to the Creator of that beauty.

So kids, express your emotions and take good care of your heart because your expression could make someone’s day.


I’ve been wanting to write something for kids. The cartoon that I made isn’t really cool but it’s a start. 🙂