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”Be a Child”
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Hey all! Peace! I’ve been browsing at tumblr a lot lately and I thought about the significance of cartoons an animation in our lives. They’ve  always fascinated me  and as a they have a large contribution in strengthening my power of imagination because of my sheer attachment to them in my childhood. This sparked an idea in my mind… about making textbooks or story books for children with the lessons that I want to convey to the sweet little kids of my country- tomorrow’s creative thinkers. So from this, I want you guys to think of something you like… and then use it to do something positive, don’t EVER let that feeling go away!

Cartoons keep me young at heart. What keeps you young?

God bless you all! 🙂


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  1. In the US today is Mother’s day where we honor our mothers. you must have a wonderful mother that keeps your creativity going. what i will do is keep loving my daughter who’s about your age. Blessings to you Carol

    • We have Mother’s Day here too. Wow, thats great..your daughter must be very lucky. And yes, my mom is great…gave her a card today…and did the dishes for the day. 🙂 Thanks for likin my post. :)Tomorrow I have my A level exam (thats like finishing high school)….Need your best wishes!

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