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Take good care of your thoughts


Take care of every thought that crooses your mind. Put insane ones in the insane box, good ones in the good box and bad ones in the evil box. Keep insane and evil box closed at all times. It’s important to recognise the difference between good and bad thoughts. Thoughts make you what you are. I want to write more but I’m having a block. ūüė¶


Here’s a random thought: ‘The wind only blew when they were really happy’


And here’s some news: I’m gonna be starting a Short Story Section on the blog. I’ll be releasing it in pieces so that it’s convenient to read and absorb. Is that a good idea?


I have a folder


I have a folder of dreams-Courtesy:


I keep a folder in my cell phone. Everyday, I delete some photos and add some. These photos are all the wonderful photographs and quotes that I see on tumblr, facebook, flickr and other social networks and they spark up my eyes;as I scroll down pages, my pupils dialate and I stop…my heart says:”I want you to be that”. Sometimes, they are just pictures of things, books, tables, well furnished rooms that I can’t even BE but what my heart is actually trying to convey is that I need to capture and enliven¬†the spirit that the photographer tried to capture. I capture these ghosts and then DREAM, WISH AND DO!

Haters gonna hate!



‘When you stare down a well, the well stares back at you”-Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi

This quote is not shallow. It has taught me that hating is the worst kind of harm you can inflict on yourself. Whenever confronted with this difficult emotion, try and take all your time to make peace with yourself because I have seen how I lose my virtues when I hate. The well stares back at you, the blackness that you so hate looks back at you and soon engulfs you within itself, the things you hate become a part of you and you do not even realise. When you realise, after months of loathing, upon looking yourself in the mirror, (or in a secretly made video, in my case) you are shocked to find the expresion on your face. That countenance you bear is that of the one you hate.


Neither the future, nor the past



Even when everything is perfect and all that you wished for in times of need and distress is granted, you still feel like life is not easy. It’s like you keep finding the perfect posture to sit on a small couch but every posture has a flaw; either it hurts your back or pinches your elbow. I have been yearning for vacation but now that I’m free, I feel like having my responsibilities back. Does it happen with everyone?

Then yesterday, dad solved the predicament with this
“A true believer never worries about the future or the past; he lives in moments” – The Quran.
I was relieved… and the scorching afternoon heat outside suddenly became beautiful sunshine. I’m thankful to God for having a dad like him :’) (happy tears)
Now, I live in the present.. in MOMENTS of my vacation, exploring each second instead of thinking of to-do lists. And this is not just for vacation, it’s for working days too because I really want this to be the idea of my life and not a vacation experiment. I wish we all do that and stop looking at clocks. Speaking of clocks, I’m going to leave you all with this fantastic Coldplay song, hoping my message adheres and makes its way to practicality.

A milestone


Thankyou very much, Carolisle, author of Light words, for giving me this honour. I’m very thankful to her. This is my first achievement since I started this blog. It is a reminder that I’m on the right path and if I stay true to my purpose, honesty will reward me with more adoring readers.

Reflection: Life is great when you give back.

As per tradition, I have to tell seven things about myself (oooh, this is hard) and pass this on to seven other bloggers.

7 things about myself

1. I’m an introvert so don’t have a lot of friends.

2. I love Physics and literature.

3. I like watching long tennis.

4. Absolutely detest laziness.

5. Favourite colour: yellow.

Oh my God, this is hard!

6. I don’t like waking up late¬†in vacation but I do it.

7. I sometimes overthink and get into an abyss.

The award goes to

1. DENY designs

2. Brevity

3. I have no expectations dot com

4. Blog Da Marge

5. Born at twenty five

6. Perpetuum mobile

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