A milestone


Thankyou very much, Carolisle, author of Light words, for giving me this honour. I’m very thankful to her. This is my first achievement since I started this blog. It is a reminder that I’m on the right path and if I stay true to my purpose, honesty will reward me with more adoring readers.

Reflection: Life is great when you give back.

As per tradition, I have to tell seven things about myself (oooh, this is hard) and pass this on to seven other bloggers.

7 things about myself

1. I’m an introvert so don’t have a lot of friends.

2. I love Physics and literature.

3. I like watching long tennis.

4. Absolutely detest laziness.

5. Favourite colour: yellow.

Oh my God, this is hard!

6. I don’t like waking up late in vacation but I do it.

7. I sometimes overthink and get into an abyss.

The award goes to

1. DENY designs

2. Brevity

3. I have no expectations dot com

4. Blog Da Marge

5. Born at twenty five

6. Perpetuum mobile

7. My kind of creative


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