Haters gonna hate!


Courtesy: http://brendan-i-am.tumblr.com/

‘When you stare down a well, the well stares back at you”-Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi

This quote is not shallow. It has taught me that hating is the worst kind of harm you can inflict on yourself. Whenever confronted with this difficult emotion, try and take all your time to make peace with yourself because I have seen how I lose my virtues when I hate. The well stares back at you, the blackness that you so hate looks back at you and soon engulfs you within itself, the things you hate become a part of you and you do not even realise. When you realise, after months of loathing, upon looking yourself in the mirror, (or in a secretly made video, in my case) you are shocked to find the expresion on your face. That countenance you bear is that of the one you hate.



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