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Smile emoticon



How easy it is to smile in texts and emails and facebook updates- the excercise of 44 muscles replaced by a combination of just 3 punctuation marks. How easy it is to fake a smile when you text…no one can judge, no one can doubt its veracity. Our emotions, in this day and age, can not be construed by our fellow individuals. Fake is real now. And you can’t argue because you can’t look beneath the surface, what used to be glass is steel now. We all pretend with ease that we are happy to see someone or happy to be somewhere, so confident in that smiley. A child only smiles when it comes from the inside. When do you? I am not against smiling, I’m just pleaing you to bring more life to it.



What time really is

Time is unclockable

I read an article in The Guardian by Jay Griffith titled ‘Clock time can play havoc with your emotions’; reading the article entailed an emotional upheaval…that liberating, flying sensation you get upon receiving an insight. Science agrees that creativity requires our mind to wander so why do we keep making to-do-lists and schedules- insurances of getting things done- and sacrifice the quality of our work that may result from spontaniety? I have discussed the same thing in a post before (about the quote from The Holy Quran that a believer must  live in moments..in the present) but time and time again, I keep falling for this trap of Clocking everything. Obsession with perfection may be the convict here so getting rid of this ugly habit will take time and until then, I will keep posting about clock-addiction (:

So today, the only thing occupying my mind is my action plan to implement on the beautiful words of this article…


1.Transform yourself into a radar: Receive the message that the universe is sending, listen to your heart..where is it gliding? The universe sows the seed of inspiration in everyone of us everyday. The seed then grows and becomes a plant- the action.

2.Let the plant grow: Now do what the universe demands from you.

Usually during the action, I play some adventurous/happy music in my head, like the Glee cover of Whitney Houston’s It’s not right but it’s okay


Happiness 🙂

Hope this result is the same for all of you.

Note: Words in the photo are from the aforementioned article and photo is from a tumblr blog that I adore too much http://natural-aura.tumblr.com/

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