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I don’t know


I just really dislike the way people say, ”I don’t know how I did this” after some big achievment. There’s always something- planning, hard work, sacrifice, self-control- that gets you the prize. Why do people say this, then? Do they forget their toil? It puzzles me. Paulo Coelho said that after you climb a mountain, tell your story to others because it serves as an inspiration but statements like ‘I don’t know how I did it’ are very  misleading; for once, it gave me the impression that whatever you do, you will get what you want simply by having a strong desire for it because… as the person said he does not know his formula for success, there must be none and we just need to do what we think is our best. These kind of vague concepts get us nowhere- it leads to abject failure. I think I got a reality check that to achieve something, you need to

Dream—-Research on the dream—-Plan—-Act

And this is what I call giving your best.

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps everyone. 🙂


How did I do that?


Trust your plan

 Look back in your life and you try to remember the successful times. Try to remember how you got those. You made a plan and you trusted it. Then came the travail. Remember to initiate your task with confidence in your plan and pure intent in your heart.




”Just give your best and leave the rest for Allah”

 The words echoed in my mind as I sought to truly delve into the depth of this message that I received from my teacher in the morning. A stranger passed by smiling, the wind shuffled he leaves, the air conditioner made disturbing noises. Random notions and emotions flew in and out of my soul as I tried to concentrate on my Physics lesson. Resonance. It is the phenomena that occurs when a system moves with maximum displacement when the driving frequency is equal to the natural frequency of the system. Physics jargon, I know alot of people might not follow it…but then and there, I resonated. The system here is me and the DRIVING frequency is the working frequency of my natural surroundings. When I accumulated those random notions arising from the natural occurences around me to find myself in each and every thing, feeling, smell, sound around me, my frequency became the same as the frquency of the system around me. In that state of tranquility, I found the answer to the Physics question.

So I work at my best when the light of my heart shines on everything around me, when I am resonating with nature.

I hope it helps all of you when you are wanting with all your heart to give your best but just can’t figure out how.