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I don’t know


I just really dislike the way people say, ”I don’t know how I did this” after some big achievment. There’s always something- planning, hard work, sacrifice, self-control- that gets you the prize. Why do people say this, then? Do they forget their toil? It puzzles me. Paulo Coelho said that after you climb a mountain, tell your story to others because it serves as an inspiration but statements like ‘I don’t know how I did it’ are very  misleading; for once, it gave me the impression that whatever you do, you will get what you want simply by having a strong desire for it because… as the person said he does not know his formula for success, there must be none and we just need to do what we think is our best. These kind of vague concepts get us nowhere- it leads to abject failure. I think I got a reality check that to achieve something, you need to

Dream—-Research on the dream—-Plan—-Act

And this is what I call giving your best.

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps everyone. 🙂




When nothing beautiful comes to mind, I try to remember my dreams. Those are my strongest sources of knowing what my soul is like. One’s carnal self dies but the soul is eternal. Somehow, that invisible world seems more real, just like Plato proposed. I wish to be a Physicist and yet, this realm, although ‘unreal’ seems more interesting.

Smile emoticon



How easy it is to smile in texts and emails and facebook updates- the excercise of 44 muscles replaced by a combination of just 3 punctuation marks. How easy it is to fake a smile when you text…no one can judge, no one can doubt its veracity. Our emotions, in this day and age, can not be construed by our fellow individuals. Fake is real now. And you can’t argue because you can’t look beneath the surface, what used to be glass is steel now. We all pretend with ease that we are happy to see someone or happy to be somewhere, so confident in that smiley. A child only smiles when it comes from the inside. When do you? I am not against smiling, I’m just pleaing you to bring more life to it.