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True wish


I took my heart in my hands,

And purged it,

Purged my carnal garden of all the weeds.

With that pure heart,

I made my one true wish,

My one true answer to

What I really want

-Aisha Noor




Courtesy: torvenius on deviantart (click image to go to source)

Can you listen to all the channels of the radio at a time? Can you watch all the TV channels at a time? No.

When seeking advice, seek it from a single source. Don’t flood your brian with all the search results that Google provides for your conundrum, your brain will overeat and expel everything! Instead, walk slowly and ask yourself which source you trust the most. Then go for it and trust it. Forget everything else.

I am mine


I am mine

Don’t confine yourself in the expectations of your loved ones. Don’t scrutinise your every act and word. Instead, live by respecting your conscience and then others will adore you too. The renowned Pakistani writer, Ashfaq Ahmed said, ”Apna ban kar aur apna reh kar jeo” (English: Be your self and own your self)

So say: I am mine