The idea of talking with the entire world fascinates me. This blog is not only my vent of emotions but through it, I intend to travel, tread the beautiful lands I haven’t been to, meet people I haven’t met, learn things I haven’t learned, and get inspirations waiting to happen.

I find this life and this world divinely perfect when I write and share. I hope you, on the receiving end, too feel the same with my posts.


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  1. There is one more travelling Aisha which is within us..much more wondrous..much more to see and many more to meet..apart i always ask the people connected with social is really hazardous to leap into the next to next, leaving your own circle around for exploration..anyway

    Good luck Aisha…for your journey..!

  2. I noticed that you have one of the most popular blogs on I was wondering if you want to take it to the next level?

    -Alex Greer

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